The Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) has a number of suggested volunteer placements to choose from to help support your not-for-profit organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program examples listed below will help your not-for-profit organization benefit, with flexible support from the CSSG team.

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Enthusiastic student volunteer
Enthusiastic student volunteer

Engaging Your Existing Student Volunteers

Do you have an existing community of student volunteers that you would like to retain or have increase their time commitment to your cause this summer? The CSSG can facilitate re-engagement of your student volunteers to help implement your programs that have been impacted by COVID-19 by:

  • Partnering to find COVID-19 safe, accessible ways to engage your student volunteers.

  • Providing formal recognition for student volunteers’ efforts upon completion.

  • Giving student volunteers the opportunity to earn a CSSG from $1,000 to $5,000. Additional details on the process are available. The CSSG is in addition to the Canada Emergency Student Benefit ($1,250 monthly, or higher for students with disabilities or dependants).

Amplifying Your Digital Presence

How has mandated physical distancing impacted the way your organization delivers its services? Bolster your organization’s marketing, social media and content strategy to ensure your urgent COVID-19 message is heard with help from digitally savvy student volunteers with:

  • Digital creative such as design, copywriting and social media.

  • Content and copy such as blogs, case studies and success stories.

  • Video and photography asset creation.

  • Online research and planning.

Enthusiastic student volunteer
Enthusiastic student volunteer
Post-secondary Student
Post-secondary Student

Train the Trainer

Are you having challenges training new volunteers in a socially distanced world? Through a ‘train the trainer’ approach, student volunteers will be trained on critical social issues pertinent to your not-for-profit organization which are especially relevant at this challenging time (e.g., anti-bullying, literacy, mental health). They will share their knowledge in one-to-one online mentorship sessions with members in their community by helping them develop personalized action plans.

  • Student volunteers will be trained on the key social issues your organization supports.

  • Student volunteers will then host one-on-one online mentorship sessions and lead others to help them develop their own personalized action plans on how to champion your cause.

  • These student volunteers then also become ambassadors trained to speak and engage others on your issue to create further impact.

Share Your Idea with Us

How else can the CSSG support your not-for-profit organization? If your not-for-profit organization has a volunteer need, opportunity or issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic that may require a different approach, the CSSG team would love to discuss how student volunteers could help your organization continue its important work. In-person volunteer placements are also eligible as long as they are facilitated in a way that follows health and safety precautions established by the Public Health Agency of Canada and adhere to local public health orders.